Bonus-Worthy Gadgets: A Smart Collar for Your Pooch?

Bonus-Worthy Gadgets: A Smart Collar for Your Pooch?

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(Editor’s Note: FTF News was fortunate to get time with Terry Anderton, the founder and CEO of Wagz, a company that launched the Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar, which sells for $249.00. The device does not use electric shocks to keep your dog from straying. Instead, this dog collar applies more humane methods to stop your pet from wandering into peril. The company presented its offerings at a Pepcom showcase in New York City last month, which featured gadgets, including smart home technology items. This post — in the form of a Q&A with Anderton — is another in my series about gadgets that you might spend your bonus on. This smart collar might also be useful for staff members working remotely who need to keep an eye on their pampered pooch.)

Q: Could you parse out how the collar works?

Pooch with a Smart Collar

A: The Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar is the world’s only no-shock virtual pet containment and wellness system. Using no-shock geofence containment technology and real-time GPS [Global Positioning System] Monitoring, the Freedom Smart Collar humanely redirects your dog or corrects their behavior using vibrations, audible sounds, and ultrasonic sounds.

Users create and store the geofence boundaries within the Wagz App, where they can customize and create multiple geofences. Boundaries can include designated off-limit areas (Keep Out Zones) such as pools, decks, patios, or gardens.

If your dog is new to boundary training, it’s recommended you turn off all corrections from the outset, which can be done within your Wagz App. The first training sessions will require a leash.

Additional features include:

  • GPS location tracking: Never worry about losing your pup with the collar that lets you pinpoint his location within 10 feet. It’s peace of mind on the map.
  • Fitness mapping: System that tracks the route, distance and duration of all your adventures. Log your walks, runs and hikes to keep tabs on your fitness goals.
  • Activity and wellness tracking: Health & Happiness Score uses sleep time, exercise and breed to help you monitor your pup and be proactive about adjusting care.
  • The Patented Kognition Platform: Ask Alexa what’s up with your pup. Give your dog a voice with a system that turns her day into useful insights. Patented Kognition Platform integrates with other smart technologies to make it easy to know where she is, how much exercise she’s getting, or what she needs.

Q: Are the vibrations enough to warn a dog from crossing the unseen barriers?

A: All pet containment systems require a pet owner to train their dog to stay within set boundaries, and with the Wagz Freedom Collar, a pet owner will be teaching and training their dog to respond to ultrasonic, audible, and vibration corrections.

Sound and vibration training has proven to be an extremely effective and humane way to communicate with and train dogs. That being said, because no two dogs are alike, there is a no specific “one size fits all” way to train a dog. The pet owner needs to use a “what’s best for my specific dog” approach and is encouraged to consult with their veterinarian.

Pet parents should always use corrections that are best for their particular dog. It could be one of the sounds, both of the sounds, the vibration or a combo of all three! With the Wagz Freedom Collar, pet parents have the option to use any or all three of the corrections depending on what works best for your particular dog.

Q: The Wagz website says that the Freedom Smart Dog Collar is sold out. Are there global supply chain shortages causing this situation? When will there be enough of a supply to start selling them again?

Terry Anderton

A: Due to high demand, the Wagz Freedom Smart Collar is temporarily sold out. Wagz is thrilled about the positive response and interest the collar has received. The item is expected to return in June and will feature enhanced cellular coverage, battery life, new app features, and more.

We’ll make sure to let you know when it will be back in stock. In the meantime, your readers can sign up for the waitlist to receive a discount off their total order (subscription excluded) once the collar is back in stock.

Q: Will you be offering a collar for cats?

A: The Wagz Freedom Smart Collar is currently offered for only dogs 15 pounds and up, but we’re always exploring new ways to meet the needs of pet parents in order to create a completely connected pet lifestyle. We’ll be sure to be in touch with any new updates to announce!


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