Knights of the Old Republic 2 is Unbeatable on the Switch, Aspyr Confirms

Knights of the Old Republic 2 is Unbeatable on the Switch, Aspyr Confirms

The prospect of Star Wars games on Switch is incredibly enticing, as taking the Galaxy far, far away on the go is a novel experience. However, their history isn’t too hot. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was a complete experience, if severely flawed. Aspyr’s latest port is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2and it is a flawed, incomplete experience.

Fans have been waving down a recurring issue in the port where the game will always crash at a specific Knights of the Old Republic 2 cutscene – where the Basilisk crashes into Onderon. One frustrated fan, Daniel Moore, reached out to Aspyr on social media, where the company confirmed it was a known issue, that a patch was in the works, but that there was no ETA. Aspyr would also reply “Yes we are aware” when Moore points out that this means there’s no way to beat the game.


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The reason for this is pretty simple: it’s a bottleneck. Players have to proceed through this portion of the game to beat it, and for many, it’s hard to imagine how it was released like this. Players can travel to other KOTOR planets, complete optional areas, and all of that, but they will not be able to beat the game.

This very same bug prevented us from beating the Knights of the Old Republic 2 during our Switch review. During our time with the game, we encountered a lot of technical issues but were glad to work around some of them, because this is KOTOR 2. It translates well to the Switch when it works, so it was heartbreaking that such a bug prevented us from completing the game. It still is.

We tried everything we could to bypass this bug—using different KOTOR 2 party members, replaying the entire section again (which can be quite lengthy), skipping and/or playing the cutscene in various ways, and we were not able to find a workaround for this bug. With Aspyr’s confirmation that the game is unbeatable, it’s no longer worth trying for those who are playing the game.

For now, all fans can do is wait for Aspyr to release this Knights of the Old Republic 2 patch. It’s a bummer for sure and a huge stain of its launch, but if Aspyr can get this resolved soon, the truth is the bones are there for a fantastic Switch port—just the execution dropped the ball hard. That’s probably the worst part of this bug.

Knights of the Old Republic 2‘s Switch port cannot be beaten at this time.

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