Taiwanese VR film wins ‘special mention’ at Paris festival

Taiwanese VR film wins ‘special mention’ at Paris festival

Paris, June 11 (CNA) A Taiwanese virtual (VR) film won an award at an extended reality (XR) art festival in Paris, the festival’s organizers announced on Friday, with jurors praising it as a reality breakthrough in VR film-making.

Taiwanese VR film “Red Tail Ep.1” (紅尾巴Ep.1) won the jury’s “Special Mention Award” at the fifth annual NewImages Festival, which runs from June 7-12.

Red Tail Ep.1 is the first VR project helmed by Taiwanese animator Fish Wang (王登鈺), best known for his 2018 animated short “Gold Fish (金魚),” which won significant recognition including the Golden Horse Award for best short animation in 2019 .

Alongside a strong production team to help build the movie’s VR world, Wang took two years to create the film, which revolved around an adventure story about a youth chasing a floating red tail in the sky to a fantasy city.

Jurors said not only were the artistic aesthetic and fantasy ambience of the film mesmerizing, the way the film was made was also a major breakthrough in VR film-making.

Speaking with CNA, juror Priscila Guedes said the film was given the special mention award because the jury agreed that they all saw a lot of potential in the project.

She said while there were technical limitations and challenging artistic choices that came with VR filmmaking, the judges saw more possibilities for the genre after being captivated by the artistry and story of Red Tail.

Speaking to CNA from Taiwan, Wang said that he was grateful for the efforts of his technical team which helped him make his first VR film, and that the honor truly belonged to the team.

He also revealed that the full version of Red Tail was completed last week, and that he looked forward to premiering the project at the upcoming 22nd Kaohsiung Film Festival scheduled for October, as well as potentially entering it in the Venice Film Festival in September.

Wang’s win also marks the second time that a Taiwanese submission was recognized at the festival, with “Bodyless” (失身記2.0), a film by Taiwanese new media artist Huang Hsin-chien (黃心健), having won the Masque d’or ( Golden Mask) Grand Prize at the festival in 2020.

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