These AI-generated images of Toronto places and people are absolutely wild

These AI-generated images of Toronto places and people are absolutely wild

You may have noticed some strange grids of surreal, painterly images on your social media feeds lately, the product of the curious masses playing around with a popular artificial intelligence image generator.

Known as DALL E mini, the AI ​​image generator has taken the internet by storm, concocting grids of pics that range from dreamy to nightmarish based on text input from users.

All you have to do is type in some random words; the more creative, the better. After a short wait, you’ll be met with some truly bizarre results.

If the name sounds familiar, DALL E’s branding is a reference to Pixar’s Wall-E, the 2008 computer-animated hit about a trash-compacting robot.

Like its namesake, the AI ​​image generator takes in our trash ideas and concentrates them into something a bit more potent.

It’s incredibly entertaining to create using just a prompt, and even if you aren’t feeling super creative with your prompts, something as simple as a two-word combination like “cyberpunk Toronto” will generate stunning dreamscapes.

ai generated toronto

Or you could be a bit more creative and try something like “Doug Ford Demogorgon” or “John Tory slenderman hybrid.”

ai generated toronto

Anything you can imagine can be visualized, even if that means “it’s morbin’ time” over at Queens Park.

ai generated toronto

How about Toronto’s best-known critter eating the city’s most-beloved snack?

raccoons eating pattyYou can also create other very dumb images through prompts like “TTC streetcar with monster truck wheels” or “Toronto Raptors actual dinosaurs.”

ai generated toronto

If you want to get really existential, you can ask the AI ​​generator to build images for things like “SkyDome in the future.”

ai generated torontoDall-E Mini is some very sophisticated software from OpenAI, a sort of pared-down version of the paid full-version program which has been around since 2021.


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