‘This May Be on the Internet.’  Oh F*ck!’  – OutKick

‘This May Be on the Internet.’ Oh F*ck!’ – OutKick

You could say he just had a sense about these things.

James Anastasio was arrested and banned from Madison Square Garden for life after he knocked out a Lightning fan during Game Five of the NHL Eastern Conference finals, which the Lightning won 3-1. Then, he told police he thought the video of the attack might go viral.

“This may be on the Internet. Oh f—k,” the 29-year-old allegedly said to an officer at the Midtown South Precinct shortly after he was arrested.

He was right.

First, let’s review the tape:

Now, let’s fast forward to Anastasio’s arraignment on Friday, still emblazoned in the Rangers regalia he donned when police took him into custody.

Now, he’s an internet sensation for all the wrong reasons, he can’t ever enjoy his beloved team at their home arena ever again, and he’s in serious need of a wardrobe change.

Time to rethink our choices here, James.

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