YouTuber Marques Brownlee reveals device’s complete design

YouTuber Marques Brownlee reveals device’s complete design

After revealing the official images of the device a couple of days ago, Nothing has finally lifted the embargo on one of the first impressions videos from one of the most popular tech YouTubers in the world. On June 21, 2022, Marques Brownlee released a video titled “The Nothing Phone LOOKS Different.” While this was the first time the smartphone appeared in its entirety, it was also the first time that Nothing allowed someone to reveal details about the ‘Glyph’ interface on their smartphone which controls the backlighting system. Let’s talk about everything shown in the video.

The smartphone has a punch-hole display

First, Brownlee showed exactly what Nothing Phone 1’s front panel looks like. While renders and leaks suggested that the smartphone could have a centrally-located punch-hole display at the top, it is actually located on the top left corner, as we’ve seen on the Google Pixel 4a. Additionally, all the notches of the smartphone seem to have a uniform width, enough for the company to market the Nothing Phone 1 as a chin-less smartphone.

The backlight system on the Nothing Phone (1) is called Glyph

Next up, Brownlee explained how the back-lighting system on the smartphone works. As seen in the images that surfaced earlier, the Nothing Phone 1 has a total of 900 LEDs on its back panel that make up for a distinguished pattern, which also happens to be the mascot for the smartphone. Additionally, the video shows how Nothing has created a dedicated Glyph interface for controlling how the LED lights respond to incoming calls, notifications, charging levels and more.

Afterwards, the YouTuber talks about how the smartphone is different from any other smartphone on the market. He mentions that companies always target their smartphones towards the masses as it increases their sales. That is why most flagship smartphones in 2022 look like smartphones from 2020 as manufacturers have made no significant changes in the design.

However, the Nothing Phone 1 stands out – the company has used the same semi-transparent design language on Nothing Ear 1, the first product released by the company. That being said, the smartphone will be released worldwide on July 12, 2022. More information about the price and availability should surface in the coming days.


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